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The Administrative Office is here to help start-ups and established small businesses. We can enhance project outcomes by taking the administrative task and technical professional services off of busy business owners shoulders so there is more time to focus on core business tasks such as skill. Call today to find out how today's modern world of staffing needs are met for local business owners.

Welcome to the Administrative Office! Operating a small business can be extremely rewarding for a lot of small business owners, but as business starts flourishing, growing entrepreneurs find themselves with overwhelmed amounts of administrative task. To manage this reality of day-to-day operations, many companies have considered hiring a part-time or full-time employee. Hiring an employee can become overwhelmingly expensive and today busy business owners have more options such as staffing through the Administrative Office which will save you a lot of time and money.



If you’re a Santa Maria or surrounding area small business owner, non- profit, local contractor, local lawyer, local real estate agent, local therapist, local church operating a business that requires a lot of administrative task

can become exhausting!



If this is you, you probably become frustrated when it begins to interfere with more important business operations. If you're a small business owner finding yourself increasingly tied down with answering phone calls or tired of missing phone calls, need computer-based work, and/or have invoicing issues then contact the Administrative Office.



It is the Administrative Office mission to HELP and save local business owners save time and money, provide excellent customer service, and help build a reputable business operation. The Administrative Office can handle the same office tasks as an employee, but for a lot less money.

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