The Front lines and the back office of your business encompass all of the administrative and support tasks that must be done to effectively run your business. Without an organized and well-managed office, your business may suffer. Office tasks consist of everything from managing records, filing paperwork, and keeping track of expenses to billing your customer. Take a look at the services below. The best possible solution may be to work with a company like The Administrative Office who understands the needs of small businesses.

Small Business Administration 

Quotes, Invoicing

Billing & Collections



Answering Service

& Dispatch





Account Support

& Management

Scheduling & Calendar Management

Email & Mail Correspondance 

Database Entry & Transcription

Banking & Reconcilations

Websites & Social Media

Marketing & Advertising

California Secretary of State Notary Public

Event Coordination & Special Projects

Administrative Office Packages eliminates business owners from the following expenses:


  • Office lease and deposit

  • Utilities including internet, phone lines, water, heating, electricity 

  • Office equipment including desk, stationery, phone, etc.

  • Insurance and tax 

  • Payroll Taxes                          

  • Health Care  

  • Holiday Pay                            

  • Paid Sick Days                           

  • Short Term Disability    

  • Paid Family Leave               

  • Retirement


The Administrative Office wants to save you money! When you eliminate the above cost, you can appreciate the value of the below services and packages offered. 


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Administrative &

Project Management 


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